Start datum27-03-2014 om 19:00
Eind datum28-03-2014 om 15:00
PlaatsBlaj, Roemenie

Honey Fest in Blaj, Roemenië, 27 en 28 maart 2014.

Kontakt: marieke.mutsaers@planet.nl    of 0527-262598


                      Asociatia“APIS TARNAVE ” Blaj                                  SC APIDAVA SRL srl

                                Romania                                                               Blaj, jud. Alba, Str. Stejarului, Nr. 33A

                                                                                                          office@apidava.ro ; Tel : 004-0258-711.428                                      



27- 28 March  2014


Location: center of city Blaj, county Alba,

-Thursday      27.03.2014,  between  08:00-17:00

                        - Friday          28.03. 2014  between   08:00-15:00


The goal of this event is the exchange of know-how and information between beekeepers  and specialists  involved in the beekeeping field  from Romania and other countries and also an ample exhibition with honey / apiary products and beekeeping equipment, with participation of over 130 exhibitors from different countries: individual beekeepers, Romanian companies from this field and also companies from Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, France, Holland, etc.

Participants/ Exhibitors :

- producers / distributors of equipment, tools, materials for beekeeping;

            - beekeepers, honey processing companies, producers of others beekeeping products;

            - non profit associations, co-operative farms, groups of small producers and individual beekeepers.

            - producers of  Romanian traditional products


            A. FAIR TRADE (Free access for visitors)

1. Expo-Api   

Thissection meets: producers / distributors  of different beekeeping equipment, tools, materials for beekeeping,

artificial wax sheet, treatments, food for bees, honey packaging, etc.

2. Exhibition and sales of all range of honey and apitherapy products  (Free access for visitors)

To promote the consumption of honey and other products of the hive, a special place will  be  arranged for beekeepers and companies with honey and other apiary products, cosmetics, honey base nutrient supplements, etc,   where they can sell their products directly to the interested customers.

            3. Fair of Romanian  traditional products and ecologic products

Special section dedicated to Romanian traditional products, where  individual  producers and companies will sell:  breading products, butcher’s products, dairy products, wines, stoneware and handcrafts, decorative pieces and setoffs, flowers, etc.


             B. SCIENTIFIC  SESSIONS  ( mainly for beekeepers) – Free access

Location: :  Big Hall  of  Local Council – Blaj, 1848 Plaza

The program will include speeches of:

- spokesmen of Romanian authorities from Agriculture Ministry and Sanitary-Veterinary Authority;

- specialists in ecologic beekeeping;

- representative of companies who offer assistance for obtaining EU and governmental founds for beekeeping;

- representatives of different beekeeping associations

C. ARTISTIC  ACTIVITIES: During  the exhibition period,  will take place different artistic programs with

traditional Romanian songs and dancing from Transylvania region.


D. COCKTAIL: On the evening of  27 March 2014, hour 19:00.


The access only against payment, based on a nominal invitation. (from the organization committee- stand Apidava).


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