Learning from the bees

Start datum29-08-2019 om 14:00
Eind datum01-09-2019 om 00:00
PlaatsBerlijn Duitsland

29 & 30 Aug | Zeidlerei Workshop
31 Aug & 1 Sept | Conference
@ Kühlhaus Berlin

Learning from the Bees | Berlin 2019 is the second in a series of conferences dedicated to bees, founded by the Natural Beekeeping Trust in 2018. This edition, comprised of a two-day Zeidlerei workshop plus two-day bee-centric conference, strives to spark cross-disciplinary dialogue among beekeepers, foresters, farmers, and others. During the conference, we will address the question, "How can we, together, envision an alternative future for beekeeping that's more aligned with Nature and informed by what the bees need?" 

In other words, "What can we learn from the bees?"


Zeidlerei Workshop (29 & 30 Aug)

An intensive, hands-on workshop on Zeidlerei, the centuries-old tree-beekeeping tradition, mainly practiced in East Europe. Under the guidance of Polish and German Zeidlers, participants will learn key aspects of the craft: its history, how to carve and install log hives, both traditional and modern tree-climbing techniques (weather permitting), safety precautions, tool maintenance, and more. Limited to 60 people.


Conference (31 Aug & 1 Sept)

An international bee-centric conference, featuring expert scientists, beekeepers, foresters, conservationists, activists, and more. Keynote presentations, panel discussions, and audience-participatory breakout sessions address politically sensitive issues, such as rewilding bees in trees, pesticide control, ecosystem regeneration, and activism. Speed BEE Talksshowcase several innovative projects, while an art exhibition and ancillary activities supplement the program.



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